Monday, 6 May 2013

May the 4th be with you... and Fibromites rule the month of May x

Well, what a week this has been !
My birthday was on the 4th of May... the same day that I had my DLA medical examination, both of which followed hot on the heels of 3 days of chronic fatigue & intense Fibro pain... including a really terrible migraine ~ I haven't had one like that for a couple of years... I'm surprised I actually made it through the day LOL
My birthday ended up with a wonderful gathering of my family, which brightened up my whole week ~ it made everything seem worth it.
We had 2 granddaughters staying at the time & they came in from playing, with some of the local kiddies, with this little bunch of flowers! That made my day LOL... even if half of them were dandelions !

I shall have to wait and see what happens with the DLA (Disability Living Allowance). The medical examiners always hold their cards very tight to their chests... and, as many spoonies know, the first you know of the result is that dreaded brown envelope through the letterbox!
So... for the moment I'm putting it to the back of my mind... I doubt if I will be accepted, given the current climate & benefit changes... but there's no point stressing about it, on top of everything else !

I finally did my our accounts & realised that we really can't afford to stay here, in our home, because of the council tax & bedroom tax we now have to pay... I'm so miserable & panicky about the whole affair! anyway, I made my mind up & I've filled out the forms for a internal exchange & ... if the gods are smiling down on us, we will be able to move across the road & still stay where our friends are... but, as with the DLA, I'm not going to hold my breath... neither of us have ever been that lucky :(

Sorry peeps, but I just had to share & get it out of my system !

Now... enough of this doom and gloom ~ here's a bit of crafting catch up. Last year I made a masquerade mask, which I called 'SwanSong' because of the shape & the materials... namely a lot of  fluff & some music score :)

So, I just had to finish of the ties (just as I had to do with the Scarlet Woman mask) and make a box... then I could actually put it up for sale... who knows I might make a bit more money for the Fibroduck foundation this year !
I used the top of the last box as the base for this one, made a lid & covered them both to match. I have to say I'm very pleased with the finished effect... in fact all I have to do now is outline the music score hearts with some gold pen (when it arrives from ebay ! )

The box and all of the other materials are up-cycled, & coordinated just beautifully x

I'd love to know what you think ? and don't forget it's Fibromyalgia day on the 12th May... so please send people this way, or to my FB page  ~ lets turn the world purple for a day & educate the people out there x