Tuesday, 24 November 2015

4 easy Christmas tree felt decorations to make with your nippers.

It's that time of year again and as usual my mind has turned to making Christmas decorations with the nippers. We had a lovely time making these so I'm sure you will as well.
I've drawn up 3 easy decorations. Candy cane mice, a tree and a heart. The patterns are printable on A4 with photos and instructions below. To make this set you will need...
  1. 2 colours of felt for each decoration.
  2. scissors
  3. glue
  4. candy canes
  5. Ribbon or Christmas string for hanging loops.
  6. decorations ~ gems, glitter, sequins or anything similar.
  7. Moving eyes or beads or buttons.

Candy cane mice.
I've taken Martha Stewart's idea and adapted it slightly, made my own template and tried it out with my little testers.
Here is the original link.  http://www.marthastewart.com/273608/candy-cane-mice

Print out the pattern, cut out one of the patterns (1 body, 1 main ears, 2 inner ears and 1 nose).
Cut out the pieces in the felt of your choice, I used white for the body and main ears & red for the other pieces. Now you're ready for the nippers to have a go.

Get them to roll up one side of the main ear & poke it through one slit in the body & out of the other. 

Now get them to glue the inner ear pieces on to the main ears & stick the nose on the end of the body.

Let the pieces all dry before pushing the candy cane through the back of the body, through the sleeve made by the ears going through the slits.

...& here they are in a different colour.

Christmas puddings, hearts and trees.

The tree and heart.
As with the first pattern, print the image on A4, cut out the paper pieces and then cut out in felt.
The tree and heart are very simple to make, with only 2 pieces to each pattern.
Layer the small piece on top of the larger and stick.

Stick a ribbon loop at the top of each piece, my loops were about 5" in length before folding in half. 
I've added an extra layer to my heart, you could do the same with the tree... in fact you could add as many layers as you like to either pattern, just make each one a bit smaller... try winding ribbon or Christmas string around the top piece before sticking.
Now decorate.

The Christmas pudding is made in exactly the same way as the heart and tree, it just has more pieces.
Attach a ribbon loop to the main pudding piece, now stick the topping piece in place. Stick the holly leaves in place before sticking the berries in place.
I'm waiting for some brown felt to arrive so I have no images of this yet... I'll be sure to add them this week so don't forget to check back :)

...here is the Christmas pudding .

I hope you've enjoyed these patterns... please leave some feedback in the comments x