Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Knitting, knitted, knotted.....

My Kindle has been objecting to writing my blogs in an orderly fashion... baa humbug! but still I persist & struggle on regardless... so apologies If the odd error slips through :) 
Your may also find the odd 'cat' related item slipping through (I have a love of all things feline) hence the Pusheen pic LOL x

My little stash of wool has been laying forgotten, until that is, Baby Logan's arrival became imminent... at which point my needles took on a life of their own & I went back into knitting mode.
So... here are the first things I knitted him, a jacket made from an original 1950's something pattern & and ice cream hat (I'd always wanted to make one x)


After I'd finished these I made a mini size owl hat for him and a Scrappy Bunny. Goodness, once I'd started I couldn't stop LOL  This is one of the advantages of  not sleeping at night x

My next post will cover my Fibro & bring us up to date on the creative side as well... here's one more pic of lovely Logan & I'll say goodbye, until next time x

Spring is in the air & its baby time for our family x

Our daffodils are blooming, despite the nip in the air... & my cyclamen are still going strong, I do love these little flowers!

My youngest daughter and her hubby had been trying for a baby for quite some time & were on their second IVF cycle when she fell pregnant.
I think it was because this baby was 'special', that I wanted to do something special for them... so, I decided to make them Moses basket drapes, something I hadn't done for 30+ years.

Here are mother & baby, doing well... despite a worrying hour when she hemorrhaged & lost 4 pints of blood, they are both fine and doing very well at home.
As you can see our new arrival is not a small bubbie! 

Let me introduce my 5th grandchild, Logan Robert Cox, b.17th March 2014 & weighing in at an impressive 3975g or 8lb 12oz!

Now they are both recovered, Logan has been made right at home in his new crib...

This crib is very different from the ones I used to make... less flounces but a lot of class, if I do say so myself LOL the following pics include one of my original silk, commissioned baskets x

Well, that's all for now peeps, I have some more baby goodies & baby loveliness all ready for the next post... so until the next time, take care of each other 💖