Thursday, 31 March 2016

A bit of this & a bit of that...

Afternoon folks, I really needed to do some crafting today; something that needed no thought process, something that could provide me with a distraction while having a 'slightly' therapeutic quality!
Guess what? I found just the thing!
I've started first coating my wicker crib, a polystyrene skull I've earmarked for a spot of decoupage & a box I need to decorate as a gift box... 
Well, that was easy, I wish all decisions were as simple!
This is the skull in its original state, I need to get rid of the black!
After 1 coat of white.
Half way through the 1st coat of white.
It's been one of those days peoples, too much pain, not enough pain relief, too much going on in my head ...#fibro is so debilitating but I'm so glad I stuck to my mission and started the painting ...the 'feel good' factor should not be underestimated!!! 

It's all right for some!!!
Until the next time peeps... take care x

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Putting some bookfolds to bed...

There past few days I've been crafting from a laid back position... I've done my back in, which has been extremely painful... but it has meant that I've been able to finish two and start another bookfold.

I've finally put my Fibrofighter bookfold to bed (hurrah!), all it needed were some finishing touches all I need to do is bag an' bow it.