Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Fibro, ME and crafting,,, not always a good combination!

I seem to be stuck in a circle, with no perceivable way out... finding the balance between over doing things & pacing myself appears to have deserted me... for the moment!

I ache to do more crafting & my ideas are plentiful but the dreaded #Fibro & #ME are really getting in the way at the mo. Life is not as depressing as it sounds, I think frustrating is a more accurate description... each day is a new challenge but I think things will improve, if I can just find my way back to pacing myself.

So... there we were, both of our lives affected and see-sawing between good intentions and the reality of living with this chronic illness... when a little boy came into our lives, & gave us a purpose !

Steve was 60 in February & received a late pressie from his sister... 
...this is Ozzy

Ozzy is 18 weeks old & he's a Jackahuahua... he really is adorable & is Steve's constant companion. This means when I'm unable to get out of bed, sometimes  for days at a time, Steve has someone for company. What a great present!
... and look, he can even do a trick! Things are surely looking up x

We took Ozzy for a walk on Fisherman's Beach in Hythe, he got so cold that I knitted him a jumper, doesn't he look smart?

These bows are for my neighbours daughter, She is getting married very soon and wanted 2 bows for two baby girls. 

I've made them with crocodile clips on the back, to attach to the headband, this means the bows can be interchangeable & can even be used to decorate the pram or a bag, The design is a twisted bow and I finished them with some diamant├ęs.

One of the Fibro traits are the bad sleep patterns, often referred to as 'painsomnia', where pain keeps you from sleeping for any length of time.
Last night, during such a session, I managed to finalise & order some business cards. A friend of a friend is a psychic medium. She is just starting out, doing readings, & needed some help so I've completed a small website for her & these cards finish everything off. I hope she likes them,

Maria is based in Hythe, Kent. The web address is http://anangelsintuition.WebStarts.com 
Pop over and check it out peoples.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

From here to kniternity !

What a week I've had!
The Fibro and ME have been doing a duo act again... I feel like I've been doing a lot and getting nowhere fast... on a more positive note I've finished the main body of my first wrap and knitted the lacy frill.

This pic was taken as I was knitting the frill onto the body of the wrap... I'd never done this before and was so glad to have discovered this technique.

...and here it is finished. I'm not quite happy with the kneck edge, I wanted it to stand up more so I need to find a way to stiffen it somehow, I shall have to give it some thought.
Next time I may need to try a heavier weight yarn.

Here it is pinned out so that I can steam block the lace, the following pic shows some of it done... you can see the difference quite clearly.

Now that I've steam blocked the frill I should be able to put the whole thing through a softener rinse and let it dry flat. This is a learning curve for me, as are most self taught & self designed things, I can't wait to get to doing a bit of beading on the lace, that's the fun bit for me. I'm also going to design and make a wrap pin to go with the wrap, something else I've been wanting to do for a while.

Last week we went to Hythe & to Whitstable, here are some of my better shots.

Well, that's it till the next post...  take care peoples x