Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I'm back !!!

Hello everyone.... it seems so long since I wrote my last blog,  it's been 5 months ( which is way to long LOL), but at last I'm back on track (fingers crossed).
Since May, when I last wrote, I have been granted my DLA !!! WOOP WOOP ! & I've also been given my mobility allowance ! I couldn't believe it, especially as I've been trying for over 10 years!
As soon as it all came through I hot footed it down to my nearest mobility dealer... I have to say that Hyundai in Rochester gave me the best customer service & care... they picked me up and delivered me back home on 3 occasions, until my car arrived.

                                                    This is Black Betty (bam ba lam)

So, I'm now mobile ~ it's amazing to have some freedom after so long. At one point I didn't leave my house for 9 months, except to go next door for coffee and the chat ~ thank goodness for my friend and neighbour, she kept me sane x 
I am also the proud owner of a blue badge.... what a shame I can no longer use it at the hospital... my reason for wanting one ! Cut backs are hitting us all eh?

.... a quick update on my health & then I'll bring this post up to date on the crafting side.

Since my hip operation in January, the Fibromyalgia has been relentless & has increased in intensity.  Apparently this was something the consultant and surgeon could not predict.... this has been an enormous blow and has been so debilitating, with an increase also in the associated fatigue and sleep disorders. The last 8 months have not been a picnic!
There's nothing to be done about it, so I've been muddling along, making the most of my good days. It's been incredibly stressful for my'Stevie, who has had to adapt to long periods of me being either asleep or miserable... bless him, I'm hoping I've now started to turn the corner and come out of this prolonged flare up.

Herne bay with the nippers, this was a good day.

In July I was admitted into hospital on two occasions. The first was only for 8 hours or so, I had been vomiting continually, since the day before & had terrible abdominal pain...  after being given morphine and anti sickness medication intravenously I was allowed home. The hospital put this down to some bug or possible virus. 
3 weeks later, while babysitting down in Hythe, I again began feeling unwell again. 3 hours later I began vomiting again & in the early hours of the morning I started to vomit blood... quite scary, for everyone including myself ! 
I was admitted to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford & stayed there for 6 days. After a gastroscopy I was diagnosed with a Hiatus hernia and gastritis. 
SO...  a complete change in diet for me, no alcohol, fizzy drinks, chocolate, cheese, tomatoes.... the list goes on and on LOL but at least it's something that can be controlled, I thank my lucky stars it wasn't something more serious.  

As you can imagine completing my crafting projects has been a real struggle & my optimism & initial enthusiasm often fizzle out way before completion. I've learnt the hard way, not to overestimate my energy levels & not to bite of more than I can chew.

Last year my sister-in-law gave us some retro curtains but they were way to long for our windows.... I eventually got round to shortening them and made a back door blind and cushions with the remnants... good job done, I'm well pleased :)

Tilley, next doors terrier, really appreciative of my hard work LOL

My next project was to give my old handbag a new lease of life. This was a really easy quick fix and well worth the short amount of time spent. I used the neck of an old jumper, that had been earmarked for the charity bag. All I did was hot glue it around the inside of the bag & then turn it the right way.... leaving gaps for the leather belt that I put on for a shoulder strap. Another good job jobbed, as my gran used to say. 

My next project was something for Christmas. I'd had this idea for the nippers' s presents for some time... so I ordered the girls names online, laser cut in wood and then decorated them. These are to stick on the bedroom wall or to put on their bedroom doors. 

I'm going to do the boys some as well, but need to think about the decoration... I'm thinking dinosaurs for the younger ones and football colours for the older ones.... maybe earphones and CD' s could also be an option for the teenagers. What do you think?

I love it when I have good days and actually create something... it makes it all worth while! This is my new watch strap, made from the left over curtain cord & and beads from an old bracelet.

Well, that's about me all up to date, for the moment... I'll leave you with a pic of the 3 babies we dog sat, during the summer.... until next time peeps :)

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