Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Knitting, knitted, knotted.....

My Kindle has been objecting to writing my blogs in an orderly fashion... baa humbug! but still I persist & struggle on regardless... so apologies If the odd error slips through :) 
Your may also find the odd 'cat' related item slipping through (I have a love of all things feline) hence the Pusheen pic LOL x

My little stash of wool has been laying forgotten, until that is, Baby Logan's arrival became imminent... at which point my needles took on a life of their own & I went back into knitting mode.
So... here are the first things I knitted him, a jacket made from an original 1950's something pattern & and ice cream hat (I'd always wanted to make one x)


After I'd finished these I made a mini size owl hat for him and a Scrappy Bunny. Goodness, once I'd started I couldn't stop LOL  This is one of the advantages of  not sleeping at night x

My next post will cover my Fibro & bring us up to date on the creative side as well... here's one more pic of lovely Logan & I'll say goodbye, until next time x

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