Tuesday, 12 August 2014

From here to kniternity !

What a week I've had!
The Fibro and ME have been doing a duo act again... I feel like I've been doing a lot and getting nowhere fast... on a more positive note I've finished the main body of my first wrap and knitted the lacy frill.

This pic was taken as I was knitting the frill onto the body of the wrap... I'd never done this before and was so glad to have discovered this technique.

...and here it is finished. I'm not quite happy with the kneck edge, I wanted it to stand up more so I need to find a way to stiffen it somehow, I shall have to give it some thought.
Next time I may need to try a heavier weight yarn.

Here it is pinned out so that I can steam block the lace, the following pic shows some of it done... you can see the difference quite clearly.

Now that I've steam blocked the frill I should be able to put the whole thing through a softener rinse and let it dry flat. This is a learning curve for me, as are most self taught & self designed things, I can't wait to get to doing a bit of beading on the lace, that's the fun bit for me. I'm also going to design and make a wrap pin to go with the wrap, something else I've been wanting to do for a while.

Last week we went to Hythe & to Whitstable, here are some of my better shots.

Well, that's it till the next post...  take care peoples x
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