Saturday, 13 December 2014

I feel like a perpetually emerging butterfly...

It's been nearly 5 long weeks... flu on top of Fibromyalgia and M.E is definitely not a good combo!
After each Fibro flare-up, I eventually wake up feeling like me again... it's a constant cycle with no pattern, one that has destroyed the person I once was... but I rejoice each time 'that day' arrives and I become me once again.
How do I explain what it is like, living with varying degrees of pain, 24/7, to somebody with no reference to compare to?  I'm coming to realise that I can't... a very frustrating situation for all concerned.
I had a thought, that I'd put my feelings into verse, just now and then...a bit of self help poetic therapy.... with a visual image, preferably one of my own. So here is my first attempt...

Living with chronic pain.

Like waves on a seashore, ebbing and flowing,
Never ceasing.
Sometimes just there,
Often battering the shoreline that is me.
I long for the calm but more often get the
Learning to go with the flow, to roll with it,
Keeping my head above water, long enough to
enjoy the view,
That is the goal...

I'd be interested to hear what anyone thinks... please leave a comment at the bottom of the post, in the comment box x

... and then there was Ozzy!
Our little pup Ozzy is a constant joy... he is Steve's baby but he has brought joy to both of us. The 4 cats are learning to live with his boisterous spirits and are quick to put him in his place... he never learns and I'm sure I've seen them look at him with both puzzlement and pity LOL
He is a brave little lad and is quick to alert us when someone comes to the door... he is on that huge learning curve that all youngsters travel, his reactions to new experiences are a constant source of amusement.

Here he is with his favourite toy, 'Lambie' ...or what is left of him! I think this is one of my favourite photos of Ozzy so far... and here he is watching the bath fill up. I wonder how he will react when he has his first bath? That should be worth documenting LOL

After doing no crafting for weeks, I've finally put scalpel to card and glitter to glue... yes, I've started my Christmas cards at last. I'm extremely pleased with the ones I've done so far... so without further ado here they are..!

I hope you like the new designs...
I'll be back with more news very soon ~ until the next time bloggers, take care of yourselves x
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