Saturday, 28 February 2015

Floating like a Fibro butterfly ♡

Hello everyone, how are we all doing? better than me I hope!
I've been going through a really rough time just lately with the Fibromyalgia, but even more with the ME/CFS... after a quick trip to Hythe for Steve's birthday, to visit family, I'm now horizontal!  
The whole visit was a disaster from start to finish, with me sleeping for hours on end. With hindsight driving 100miles when you're not feeling your best isn't probably the best idea ...but I so wanted to go!
I did manage to walk over to the beach, where the waves beckoned me and just begged to be snapped, I can't resist moving water for a photograph... how strange is this horizon curve? I find it both weird and interesting.
When we got home I found I had an order for some fingerless mitts. Over the last month I've made a few bits for the granddaughters... a hair band and a pair of fingerless mitts... here they are. The hair band was my first attempt at making ribbon flowers, I was so pleased with the result. The order was the result of seeing the knitted mitts.
Here are the matching adult beanie and mitts, they'll eventually have purple butterflies in place of the bows... here they are (minus the butterflies)...                            

I'm attempting the crocheted butterflies as found on Megan's blog... 
This is the centre of the butterfly and I have to admit I'm struggling with the tinyness at the moment... maybe it's time for new specs?
These have been dark days indeed and in the moments when I'm awake, I know I have to do something about this situation. These conditions are running & ruining our life and at times I'm in despair. I've been looking into alternative remedies to help with the Fibromyalgia and the ME/CFS, and their associated symptoms. Aloe Vera juice is next on the list... I'll keep you all posted :)
Until next time folks... stay safe x

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