Friday, 10 April 2015

No Comment !!!

Well I'm back again... phew, talk about being off the grid for too long!
I've a few projects in the pipe line, one of them is of mega importance! It's my Mum's birthday in July... given my track record this year, I thought I'd better get a head start on her birthday gift.
I'm plunging in at the deep end and making her a 'Mum' folded Book-Art thingy... but I'm going to decorate the cover and pretty it up a tad.

So, I've got a book the right size, pencil & ruler at the ready... I'll report my progress once I've actually started it :)
Fingers crossed, tonight I shall finish the crochet butterflies for my 'Fibro' mitts... I'm going to leave the really ornate butterflies until another day, I'm just too tired & the dratted 'Fibro Fog' still hasn't cleared properly... If you want to see what the inside of my head looks like, just look at our capital this morning LOL

Does anyone comment on blogs these days? I'd love to get some interaction going on here... even if it's a comment on the ramblings of a fogged out mind :)
...and with that thought I'll say ta ta, ...until next time peoples x

P.S don't forget you can donate as little or as much as you can on my 'Just Giving' page towards Fibromyalgia research through The Fibroduck Foundation... 
                                                                       Thanks x

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