Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I'm hooked!!!

Afternoon one and all, it's a glorious sunny day outside, I'm having a PJ day and everything is cool.
Quick update on the health issues and then it's all about the crafting :)
I've been suffering since last October with a recurring flu-like, coughy thingy... I'm not alone ~ apparently lots of peeps are having the same problems, with a six week turnaround would you believe!
The #Fibro & #ME have definitely extended the problem but hopefully I can beat this!!! As the lady said "Tomorrow is another day" and that's how many of us cope... one day at a time.
OK... crafting!
I finished the pink #fibro purple-butterfly mitts and beanie... here's the evidence.

They came out really nice & because of these I had another 2 orders... one from an Irish lady who wanted green ones with flowers and the other were bright yellow ones, from my 3rd cousin (in Scotland), who is collecting for the #MarieCurie cancer charity.
I'm delighted with them all and, thankfully, so were the recipients :)

I've rediscovered the art of crochet!!! ...and I've found a 1912 crochet book that has been formatted into a PDF file! Woop Woop I say! These designs remind me of the doillies and runners that my gran used to have, they look so delicate and pretty, I can't wait to have a go.
This beautiful collection has a gawgus series of butterflies, that I'm itching to make. Here is the link to the site..
...and an image of one of the butterflies I'm hoping to make.

I thought you might like to see our little furbaby Ozzy. He'll be a year old in a fortnight and he's grown quite a bit since we first got him. He does get cold & I've made him another jumper. This pattern came with a hat... he will NOT be wearing that hat out & about!!! LOL

Doesn't he look funny in the complete outfit.... he looks quite French, don't you think?

#Fibromyalgia #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Crafting
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Have a great day everyone :)

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