Thursday, 13 August 2015

Update & up to date...

Afternoon peoples... it's been a while since my last post... the dreaded #Fibro and #ME reared their ugly heads again and decided to hang around for quite a while.
However, in between the bad days I have managed to get a bit of crafting done; I've made some hair decorations for 3 of my granddaughters and also finished of some bookart projects.
So... firstly here are some of the hair bits, these first 3 are matching, as the girls are all sisters. 

These are all the same colour pink but they photographed differently.
Three bows for three sisters.
These next ones are for school, for the eldest.

...and these are a selection, so that their mum can make a choice. 
Shabby chic, on a pink Alice band.
Double stacked twisted boutique bow on a clip.
Blues, white and daisies on a stretchy band.
Aqua and white on a clip.
Spotty lilac and satin on a clip.
The Book Art projects. 
This book fold was actually for a competition. The pattern was for a horse & we could decorate it as we wanted. 
Unfortunately this was last month, just as my Fibro and ME took off with a vengeance, so the closing date came & went with my entry half finished. 
To be honest this was the least of my worries at the time, this recent bout really knocked me for six; when I realised that I'd missed the deadline, I made sure that I finished it when I was able... it won't go to waste (it will make a great present). 
A Magical Forest; The Unicorn.
The stylised trees.
I really liked the way the cover turned out; the stylised trees echo the inside cover and stand out well against the background of decoupaged doilies. I finished the trees of with a touch of gold on top of the white, with added sequins and gold skeleton leaves.
The second book fold was for my friend, she wanted a BookArt present for a new baby ...whose name is Bluebell. I used images of old bluebell flower fairies for the cover and I was very pleased with the result.
The 'Bluebell' book was finished off with bluebell coloured ribbons, glitter, white crocheted flowers, butterflies and handmade paper flowers.
Bluebell, finished with crocheted flowers, glitter and ribbons.
A bluebell fairy, and the handmade paper flowers.
Well folks, that's all for the moment; I hope you like what I've been doing while I've been laid up, hopefully the next ME & Fibro flare won't be quite so bad as this last one.
I shall be back before you know it. Stay safe & take care of each other.

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