Monday, 7 September 2015

Covering a cake board... a tutorial.

I've taken to standing my book art projects on a covered cake board, for presentation purposes. It really finishes the project off. This tutorial will take you step by step through the process of covering a board.
So, here we go.
You will need a thin cake board, large enough for your book fold to stand on.
Your chosen wallpaper, to match or compliment your book fold's colour scheme; it needs to be large enough to easily cut 2 circles the size of your board with an overlap.
PVA glue and brush.
Double sided tape.

Lay your cake board on to your wallpaper and draw around the board. This first circle will be the visible paper on top of the board. If you wish a particular bit of the pattern to be shown, position your board first in the right place.

Draw the circle on the wrong side of the paper and put the board to one side. Draw another circle outside the first line, about 2 inches/5cm larger.
Cut out the bigger circle.
Now cut in to the inner line, making a small fringe all the way round. My fringe segments are about 1/2"/ 12-15mm wide.

Before we go on to the next step you need to draw a second circle on another piece of wall paper. Now draw a line about 3-5mm inside this circle and cut out using the inner line. This circle will cover the back of your board. Put this to one side while you cover the front of the board. the next step is to fix the paper to the board. 
Cut a piece of double sided tape and position it in the centre of the board, or in the centre of your paper circle. 
Stick the board to the wrong side of the paper.

Now get your glue and brush out. 
Glue the strips to the board, one at a time, overlapping where necessary and keeping the edge as neat as possible.

When you've glued all of the strips, glue either the smaller paper circle or the board itself; position the circle centrally on the back of the board, covering up the edges of the overlapping strips.

...and there you are... a covered cake board to compliment your finished project. 

Any questions or comments please feel free to use the comment box below... happy sticking!
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