Saturday, 3 October 2015

An early morning start...

God morning readers, I'm awake, it's 3:30am... so I thought a quick blog was in order!

Today I took my mum to see her 7th great grand child, to say hello & to have a cuddle. All went extremely well and my knitted gifts were well received. I'd knitted the new baby a few items over the preceeding months, so here are some pics...

Firstly the bunny hat; I shall have to make the next size up for Christmas but adding the bow between the ears was a great idea and inspired this mini collection.
The bunny ear hat, with added bow.

The Sarah-Jane bow shoes.
The bow cardigan.
Ava wearing her ribbon flower hairband.
I was so pleased that her hairband looked so good... I shall definitely make her some more.
The knitted onsie, already for Christmas.
The onsie showing my tassled hood. ( 
I've also made my first crocheted beret; it's for mum, to go with her mitts.
The crocheted beret.
Showing the back of the beret.
So, that's me all up to date for a while.... more news later people's :)
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