Saturday, 14 June 2014

All things bright & beautiful...

I'm switching it around for this post... the doom & gloom can wait 'till the end LOL
My garden is both flourishing, while simultaneously being in a severe state of unkemptness! 

As you can see the grass needs a hair cut desperately... whilst my secret garden is being kept secret for all of the wrong reasons... 

This atrocity used to be my sun bathing haven, a place that was secluded with gently running water & a pebble pool... & a butterfly's paradise to boot... can you hear my deep & woeful sighs? 
I know I desperately need help LOL 
... I think I might have the very person, fingers ever so gently crossed! Watch this space x

On the plus side my bedding plants are still doing their own thing and have been glorious... what a joy to see colourful perfection... you've just gotta love plants 💖

What do you think of the recycled Crocs? They've certainly brightened up a drab old fence & the idea has worked beautifully x
I'm still waiting for the Lobelia to grow a bit more and to bloom,  I'm so pleased with the outside loo... it's all very pretty... 
I just have to get the backdrop sorted (if you get my drift).

If you read my last post, you'll remember I was about to try Alkanet dye on my hair... what happened I hear you cry!!!
... well, to start with my significant other emptied the first batch down the drain, he thought it was old beetroot juice LOL 
Undaunted I made up some more & did the deed this evening...

As you can see I still have grey roots, my disappointment was palpable! aaah well, on the plus side my hair is wonderfully soft, the hot oil is certainly a winner, so the rest of it won't go to waste.

Father's Day is almost over... with no father to speak of, our afternoon was spent with me'Steve's daughter. We've had the nippers again, so we took them home in time for dinner with their daddy... & Steve recieved his gifts as well.

Here they both are, giggling at my jokes & all dressed up for their dad.

Hopefully by my next post I shall have made some new things to share, on the crafting front that is :)

Ok... here comes the doom & gloom, feel free to exit now if you're not interested, I shall keep it very short LOL

The problem with having Fibro is that, most mornings, I wake feeling as though I've got the flu... that's on a normal day! Things get really nasty when you actually get a flu virus on top of everything else!
This is what happened last week, I spent the week previous with a bad bout of M.E, and then caught a virus that was going round.
Misery just doesn't describe the last 2 weeks, I'm just so thankful that I'm back to the plain old Fibro/ME/HMS/IBS etc

Until next time peoples, stay safe x

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