Thursday, 5 June 2014

...just dyeing to tell you all about it!

Afternoon all... after another horrendous week with my constant companions #fibro & #M.E ~ coupled with a sick bug, yuck, I do believe I feel a bit like me today... yippee LOL
I can't begin to explain what it feels like when you can't wake up for days & the only waking moments are governed by pain, its a miserable existence that gradually tears down your relationships, your confidence & your self esteem... so I'm mighty glad to be awake today!

As you can see, while I've been sleeping my bedding plants have been doing their own thing... looking rather nice I think... another week & I'll put them in their proper places (2 hanging baskets to go out the front & 4 half buckets to go on the wall).
Another thing that's growing is out little lamb... isn't he just a poppet?

He brightens up even my darkest day, when he comes to visit, so I'm already looking forward to the next time x

The other week I decided to look into alternative forms of hair dye... being on a tight budget means grey roots ~ not a look I'm partial too LOL
I found that #Alkanet root gives a burgundy red colour, I ordered it along with some Jojoba oil (oil or rubbing alcohol are essential for the colour extraction process)... when it arrived I followed the recipe (1 third root to 2/3 oil ~ I used olive oil to make up the difference).

It was all popped into a jam jar & left to soak in the sun for 24 hours (on my warmest windowsill), I then zapped it in the microwave & strained the roots from the oil (roots were chucked into the compost).
I've been left with a nice warm red oil mixture.

So peoples... I think tonight will be the night I do the deed! This is an experiment of sorts, as I have no idea what it will turn out like & I have no idea if I've made enough... we shall see.
I have to apply it warm, just like a hot oil treatment, wrap my noddle in cling film & a towel,  leave for 45 minutes & wash out.
Photos to follow asap.
In the mean time, here are some pics of the garden, I just love the colours & couldn't resist sharing x

TTFN peoples, stay safe x
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