Tuesday, 27 May 2014

What a difference a day makes !

Well folks, after a rotten night full of painsomnia, I'm snuggled in my recliner chair, wrapped in my fleece, waiting for my meds to do their thing.
We have our two nippers staying... I love it when they're here, they brighten up our days with their chatter & their innocence. I came down stairs at about 4 am & nodded of eventually at about 7... I heard the nippers get up with Steve at about 8 am & heard our ' little legs' say 'shhh be quiet, don't make a noise, nanny's asleep'. I have to say that really struck a chord with me, she really is so sweet.
It was last summer that these two asked me if I really knew someone called Fibro Myalgia, so funny!

As usual I use our nippers to model my new creations... crafting really does keep me sane on my better days but it's incredibly frustrating when I can't do it.. anyway, above is MaiseyMoo, modelling my first attempt at my loopy ear hat design...... & this is our Connie, modelling my loopy owl hat design, both my own designs...

These, and my other hats, will be in my Etsy & Folksy shops in the autumn... I'm trying to build up a collection & hopefully sell a few... of course if you can't wait that long, just leave a comment or message me on my Facebook page (link on this blog).

As you can see I've had a couple of good days & I've actually managed to finish some of my recycling projects. After having our toilet replaced I grabbed the old one, from a rather startled plumber, and quite literally planted it in the garden!
My recycled Crocs are all also now ready to fix to the fence, or wall... I can't wait to see how they look in a couple of weeks, when they've filled out a bit more.

.... & last but not least, here are two old frames that I've recycled & decorated with driftwood. When we visit my sister~in~law, in Hythe, we often go beach combing... she gave me a bag of her's, the last time we were there, I've mixed it with mine & I should have enough to do another project.

It seems to me that the Fibro & the M.E have both been more frequent of late... & more intense... which is a right royal pain in every sense of the word LOL however I'm determined that it's not going to impact on our lives, any more than it has already.
It always amazes me how it effects my physical appearance, it's almost instantaneous! ...but what a difference it makes to have a very good day, with the motivation & energy to even apply makeup!
These are my 'feeling grotty' & 'feeling great' pics...

... what a difference a day makes!

adieu peeps, until the next time :)

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