Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Bits and bobs...

It's 2:49am on Tuesday morning & I'm wide awake... definitely a good time to blog don't ya think?
...so here we go peoples...

Ozzy the puppy has settled in really well... our front room now resembles a crèche with all of his toys, he's teething & has many different toys to keep him amused & to distract him from eating the furniture! 

...here he is with Steve, tired out from racing around,

My ME & Fibro have been appalling just lately, but I have had moments of inspiration & I've started a couple of new projects. 
I've also started jotting down my ideas, so that I don't forget them, in the back of an old sketch book... so I've started drawing again WOOP WOOP 
...these next images  are from the sketch book ~ 

This is a new baby mobile, I'm making it for our new granddaughter who is due soon.
I'm using a mix of fabrics... the polka dot is new but the plain pink linen and the ribbon print are both vintage. 

The mobile design is butterflies & clouds and is the girl version of Logan's boats & clouds mobile (pictured below), that I made at the start of the year.

I'll post pics of the new mobile when it's finished.
I've finished the knitted wrap but I need to take pics of it on someone or on a mannequin, the next sketches/doodles are for a wrap pin (to secure it when being worn).

As you can see I've thought of a few ideas, I need to choose one for my first attempt... I'm edging towards the owl, probably because it's quite simple in design.
Here is the wrap with it's lace edge & beading, 

Last but not least are my 2014 ideas for Christmas decorations... I'm sticking to a Nordic theme, in red & white, like last year... they're so striking & seem to be quite popular. 
Here are the sketches followed by the first decoration (in progress).

...as you can see I've kept pretty much to my drawings, I just have to do the pot & plant it. 
I do love dreaming something up, making it... and loving the finished item, which is exactly how this blog got it's name! 
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Until next time... take care x

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