Sunday, 26 October 2014

The best laid plans.... and all that jazz!

Hello everyone, how have you all been? 
I've had spurts of inactivity (as per usual the #M.E and #Fibro constantly interfere with the best laid plans of mice and men LOL). It really is the most painful and frustrating combination of conditions! ...however I have managed to complete some projects that had already been started as well as a couple of new items.

Since my last post I have finished a few of the Christmas trees & I've also made one wreath... I hope to stock & re~open my Etsy shop by the end of this month (which is fast approaching!)  

I also managed to finish my first Beachfinds Birdhouse... I'm really pleased with it. I just have to seal it and it will also be ready to go into the shop.

Next on my list are a couple of baby quilts. I became a nanny again, to the beautiful Poppy Mae and Steve & I became Great grandparents to little Freddie... these are the quilts I made, they're only small & are for a pram, crib or moses basket.

I also finished several of my new style cards. I really like these & think they are both stylish & pretty. Each card was made specifically for the person/event.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of these finished projects & I look forward to the next blog. Don't forget to have a peek in the Etsy shop at the start of November, for your Christmas shopping x

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