Friday, 5 April 2013

(cont) '.... all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.'

(.... cont)
Our 3 grand~nippers turned up last night & settled back into their routine faster than we could say 'Lickety split' ! The eldest went to her other nanny's this afternoon... so now there are two. Tomorrow we're going to do a mini fashion shoot, with the newest hair bands, but for the moment they've been too busy catching up with the other kiddies they play with.
So... after they went to bed last night, I finally got to start the sail decoration. I had some ideas as to how I wanted them but it all really depended on what I had in my box of tricks. 

I had thought about sandwiching the layers I had already experimented with, all together... & that's exactly what I did. I wanted the sails to appear light & floaty, but that didn't really go with the appearance of the ship which is quite solid... so I was pleasantly surprised with the end result.... when I held the sandwiched sail up to the window I could still see through the lace, tissue & voile.

I've kept the decoration really simple ~ I'd found an old reel of gold thread, which went with the gold stars & a tub of cheap clear beads... I blanket stitched around the edge with the gold thread &, when I came to the top edge, I put a bead onto my needle before doing each stitch.

            Here's a close up of the finished sails... now I just have to put them on the ship!

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