Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Taking care of unfinished business !

Goodness me... it's a week since I last wrote anything... isn't it amazing how time flies? I've been laid up, in bed since Saturday, my Fibro flared up & the CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) kicked in big time, so I was as much use as a wet weekend, for about 3 days... but yesterday I got my energy back & got back into the swing of things.
I even managed a small walk up to our local playing field, with my neighbour & her dogs... this may seem of no importance but it's the first time, following my hip operation, that I've been up there since the summer of 2012!
I hobbled behind, with the dogs waiting for me to catch up... it was almost as if they knew I couldn't move very fast :)
So here's a pic of 2 of them, with my friends legs (she'll never forgive me LOL) It was a beautiful evening & I just about managed to take this, balancing on my crutches, with my phone.

So... last night I eventually got back onto my Facebook page & updated that... & here we are,  bringing you up to date as well ~ here are the few things that I managed to get done before I ended up horizontal at the weekend :)
I finished some up-cycled denim hearts that I'd started weeks ago... I'd been waiting for some lavender to arrive, so I was able to finish them of a last... and make some new lavender sachets ~ these are different & based on a bow... in a rustic, shabby chic, kinda way ~

These two pics show the front & backs of the 3 hearts, as you can see the edges are rough cut & frayed.

These three lavender sachets are the 'bow' shaped ones, all of them have a loop for hanging round a hanger, or they can simply be placed in a drawer with clothes.
.... and last but not least, here are the hair bands I finished. I used oddments of vintage & up-cycled fabrics for these ~

Well peeps, that's us all up to date for the moment. The lavender sachets are now in my Etsy shop & the hair bands will be uploaded later on today.
Take care & I'll be back before you know it, with another thrilling instalment LOL.... xxx

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