Tuesday, 20 May 2014

πŸ’™it's all ME ME ME!

πŸ’™ it's almost 3am... yes peoples it's another night of unwanted sporadic activity LOL thank goodness for the internet!

It's the lovely month of May & we've been having some wonderful weather... & as I've been searching for garden plants, I thought I'd use one of the images I found, to make my awareness pic.

Although I'm all for education, just this once... if you want to know what M.E is... Google it... you'll find it linked to CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome).

πŸ’™ the blue hearts dotted about the place are to symbolise the blue M.E awareness ribbonπŸ’™

Today, mucho excitement, we had a new loo put in (we lead such exciting lives LOL). so I grabbed the old one from a rather startled plumber... I knew exactly what I could use it for in my garden... now all I have to do is buy my plants, yes folks we now have an outside loo!

πŸ’™ At the moment it just has compost in it & it's plain white, without a seat... planted up it could look like this ~

I'm debating whether to put a seat on it, ours has no cistern & looks a bit unfinished... the other idea was to decorate it (please excuse the fuzzy photo)... what do you think?

πŸ’™...decisions, decisions... the bane of a create mind! 
I  must admit that I'm drawn towards the decorated one, as it will provide a splash of colour when the winter is upon us... but the clean white would look good with an architectural plant in it... ho hum & mucho scratching of my noddle!

I absolutely love recycling/up-cycling or re-using, whichever terminology fits, and while I'm on the subject, I'm aiming to plant up my recycled crocs this week, and get them fixed to the fence...

πŸ’™ if I can keep up with the watering, there's every chance the garden will look really pretty this summerπŸ’™

Here's my May dreamball, my birthday present from me'Steve... it's handmade glass by Mo's Art (also on facebook), I'm a fan of his work so pop over and have a peek, there's a link on my facebook page.

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TTFN... catch you on the flip side folksπŸ’™

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