Saturday, 17 May 2014

Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

Good evening peoples... I thought it might be useful to give a very brief account of my week, believe me it won't take long... So that any of you unfamiliar with Fibromyalgia can get an understanding of it's effect... so, how did M.E & Fibromyalgia effect my week...

... well, let's see ~  Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday were (for me) good days.
I usually rise late in the mornings, because my joints are stiff & it takes a while to get moving, coupled with the extreme fatigue (no matter if I've slept or not), it's like waking with the flu every day... 

~ basically most days is a real struggle to get out of bed & to get dressed.

anyway, over these 4 days I took mum to get her hair cut, had 4 year old Connie to stay, cooked a roast dinner & fetched mum over to eat with us, had a visit from my daughter & new grandson, then ferried mum & Connie back to their homes and managed to finish knitting a hat for my craft page... juggled my medications so that I could drive & generally pushed on through, got things done & mostly felt as though I'd accomplished something...

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday are mostly a blur... I ate when I was threatened, tried valiantly to stay focused & awake but failed miserably.
I was unable to communicate with anyone beyond a couple of words or to stay awake for more than 10 - 20 minutes maximum...
~  my waking moments were spent in a lot of  pain, as well as misery & guilt... guilt that I couldn't be a partner to my man, a mother to my children or a daughter to my mum (she is 83, was on her own & needed both company & help).

but here we are, it's Friday...  today I've been awake all day... I'm back, ready to start again.

So there you have it,... quite ironic really, as Monday 12May was Fibromyalgia awareness day & I was unable to show my support. This is the poster  that I'd prepared.

Ok, enough of that side of the situation.,, what about the hat I hear you cry...
Here you go, this is a mixture of my loopy hat, combined with my owl hat, with the addition of loopy wings... Connie is actually modelling an adult hat so it slightly too big, but you get the general idea. 
Also in the pipeline are a baby pink loopy hat with either an owl or an awareness ribbon. 

so, there you have it, my new owl hat... I'm loving it.., for this and others pop over to my Facebook page and have a browse 
... well it's now 3:49am on Saturday morning and I'm tempted to get up & start crafting LOL (disruptive sleep patterns play havoc with any daily routine!)  ~ nope, I shall try to get some more snoozing done & get up with my man... so until the next time peeps, take care x

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